Monday, January 2, 2012

#Marathonaweek- It's all the Rage

It’s new.  It’s all the rage.  Everyone is talking about #marathonaweek!! Well maybe not, since I just started it, but they could be.  Let me start off by saying I’m not a super runner, I only recently started thinking of myself as a runner.  I have yet to run a full marathon and have only done one half marathon to date.  I really only started to truly run over the last few years.  So the thought of running a marathon a week seems crazy, right?

Let me clarify. You don’t run the 26.2 miles in one day, you take the 7 days to spread it out.  You could run 4 miles a day for 4 days and 5 miles a day for 2 days and take a day off, or run 13.1 miles on 2 days, or 6.55 miles on 4 days, or.. You get the idea, I could probably come up with at least 2 more combinations, but you decide how you want to do it each week. Have fun with it. I have the week start with Monday and end on Sunday, this way if you are falling behind you have the entire weekend to catch up

I started doing this over the summer by accident (most my great ideas are accidents).  I was on the phone with @drsherrypagoto (my running buddy) going over our mileage for the week and she said, you know, we have ran over a marathon every week for the past 4 weeks!  After that I made it a goal to continue to do it every week.  I was doing well for a while but with the holidays, and the weather getting colder, people seem less motivated to stay on track and I’m no different.  That’s why I loved Runners World #rwrunstreak and my (shameless plug) #loseapound. So I told Sherry we need to get back on track and do our 26.2+ a week.  She agreed.  We even got her sister (@ptrunningmomof4 another running buddy) to commit as well.

If there is one thing I have learned this year by co-founding #plankaday (another shamless plug, sheeesh how many more is this guy going to put in here!) it’s that misery loves company and there are a lot of crazy, healthy runners on Twitter.  So come on and join us on #marathonaweek! All you have to do is tweet your progress a few times during the week “just did a 5 mile run. 17 miles total towards #marathonaweek!” and once on Monday to give your final results “28 miles total for my #marathonaweek!” or “only did 18 miles for my #marathonaweek :( Ill get it this week” You get the idea, again have fun with it..  SO if you want to join the fun, tweet me at @mbfgmike and I’ll add you to my #marathonaweek list. Follow the list, read the #marathonaweek stream, and help encourage and motivate one another to keep up with our running!!  Oh and one last shameless plug.  If you want to read about my running, and who wouldn’t, you can read an interview another running buddy of mine  (@whohastheruns) did on me here


  1. Have you seen, he is actually running a full 26.2 marathon a week!

  2. I love how you said "most of my great ideas are accidents" lol That is a quality of a genius! Ideas that come naturally are better than one on purpose (the ones we think too hard for).

    What a great way to inspire one who desires to run a marathon but may lack confidence in actually signing up for one; and in turn may give up on the thought all together.

    A #marathonaweek sounds like a great start to work ones way up to running a marathon in one day.