Monday, November 7, 2011

Candy, an Epidemic in Overindulgence

Unlike most people, I love candy, any kind of candy: Chocolate, gummies, hard candies, chocolate-covered hard candies with a gummy inside. You get the idea.  I could keep eating till I explode; it’s hard for me to have self-control. I figure I’m alone by what I see all around me.  I see candy dishes in people’s offices with candy in it (if it were my office, it would be empty!).  I see people in the line at the store NOT buying a candy bar that’s right there in front of their face.  I have even noticed once a year on October 31st everyone is giving their candy away to strangers who stop by; the problem is that the kids come home with as much as you gave away! Don’t get me started on the leftovers!

Ok so if you’re like me, how do you control yourself?  I have found that resetting the candy clock back to zero helps.  You see, at first, 12 M&M’s might be enough to fix the craving.  Next week it will take 24, then an entire bag, then a ½ pound!! UGGHH make it stop!  I find that stopping cold turkey for just a week or so is extremely helpful.  It resets the candy clock; 12 M&M’s will be enough.  No need to eat a bag of cherry cordials, 2 will do it.  No need to eat 20 mini Heath bars… (well ok, maybe still eat 20 Heath bars, their sooooo damn good! JUST KIDDING!)  Trust me this works! I have reset my candy clock every time I start getting out of hand, and it really does help.

I started going #candyfree publicly on Twitter, and have gotten a few people to join in and help give moral support. I have found that Twitter is a great place to get support for any type of healthy behavior.  #Candyfree started with me (@mbfgmike), @jaimejean478 @jrlemons ,and @mygolfclubs. We wanted to go into Halloween #candyfree, and we all did a pretty good job of doing just that.  For me I ate the least amount of candy I can remember on Halloween, all thanks to my resetting of the candy clock.  We also tweet our good and bad days to each other, and have started using the #candyfree hashtag.  Since then, a few more have joined in, and we are working on a #candyfree November.  Hopefully all the Halloween candy will be gone by then.  So if you want to reset your candy clock, tweet me, and make your vow public.  Do it for a week, a month or more, and I will support you to accomplish your goal.  I have also started a #candyfree list on Twitter that I’ll add you to and you can follow.  I also suggest searching the #candyfree hashtag to read the stream and join in the fun.  Halloween is already more than a week in the rearview mirror, and I know there is plenty of that yummy goodness laying around, so this is a perfect time to go #candyfree and reset your candy clock! 


  1. I LOVE the idea of #CandyFree and hope to see it trending soon! A great way to reel in a bad habit, and of course, a ton of fun if YOU are hosting it Mike! Down with Reese's!!!!!

  2. Woo! #CANDYFREE one attempted day at a time!!