Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mike's Daily Motivation

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (mbfgmike) you know I write daily motivations from a different point of view.  I find that overstating the obvious makes me feel better about the things around me that piss me off.  I also try to accept and laugh at the failures that happen around us all day. We usually don’t focus on the failures, we tend to only focus on success, yet there is so much more to learn from failure. It can stop us from repeating the same mistakes. I always say I would rather learn from someone else’s mistake than make the mistake myself.  I have had some followers tell me about the things that piss them off through-out the day and that has helped inspire a lot of my motivational sayings.  I find that by making fun of and venting about the incredibly stupid things people do around us on a daily basis makes it a little more tolerable to deal with.  I mean if we can’t laugh at and learn from the idiots around us, what’s the point of having them around? The response I have gotten shows it’s therapeutic for many.  So if there is something or someone driving you insane tell me about it.  I’ll reduce it to 140 characters and tweet it.  Trust me it will make you feel better.  So reply to this post or email me at and I will help make your pain go away.  Here is a list of a few motivations inspired by people like you.

Every problem has a solution, don't get frustrated because you’re too stupid to solve yours.

Kindness is like knowledge, too much will irritate people, and possibly get you punched in the face.

Be brave, take risks, if it goes bad you can always find someone to blame.

As the world changes around you, stay rigid and watch the world pass you by. Then you will have nothing left to worry about.

Use the words nice, attractive, & love more often than nasty, ugly, & hate, this way it will mean more when you say I hate your nasty ugly face.

Today's moments are tomorrow's memories until you become senile and forget everything. So really what's the point?

Try not to be an average person because the average person is stone stupid.

If you feel like you’re not as productive as others in your office, go bother them in their office. Then you both will be out of a job.

If you think people dislike you, there's a good chance it's not all in your head. After all you can be an ass!

If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut & send an email, that will never backfire.

Today may be your lucky day, but I doubt it, chances are you already wasted your lucky day on something stupid

When punched, punch back 10 times harder. When loved, love back 10 fold. In either case you will be teaching a valuable lesson

You want motivation to work hard, look at your mortgage statement jackass!!

You aren't alone, plenty of people make a career out of being a complete idiot.

Trust in your abilities. You might as well, no one else does. Then on the off chance you're right you can stick it in-their-face

When someone helps you out, pretend it never happened. Otherwise you'll have to return the favor (time consuming)

Relax, coffee in hand, dew on the grass, birds chirping, mornings are good because you haven't had time to screw up the day yet.


  1. One of my personal favourites:

    Some people just need to be high fived. In the face. With a chair.


  2. I like that one Jeff!! im thinking of a few people right now that need a "high five"